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Hammond Guy/IT Geek/Seahawks Fan/Outdoors Dude (sort of)/Corvette Enthusiast

Seahawks-Redskins 010508 Playoff Game                                     Super Bowl XLVIII East Rutherford NJ                                     Corvette Pics

Hiking Pics:                                                                                    Fishing Pics:

Mt Si Summit 080507                                                                    Diamond Lake 101406

Rattlesnake Lake 070807                                                              Columbia River 090606

Ruby Mountains 07-99                                                                  Cowlitz River 090406

Serene Lake - Bridal Veil Falls 062001                                         Drano Lake WA May 4 2014

Mt. St. Helens - surrounding areas 062009                                     Buoy 10 August 10 2014

Mt. Tallac - Lake Tahoe 0798                                                         Drano Lake WA May 2 2015

                                                                                                         Pasagshak Bay Kodiak Island AK July 2014

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My Songs (beware, VERY ROUGH HOME DEMOS):

Sport Drinking                  Mozart's Turkish Waltz    Synapse Medication

Tan Man                        Ain't Misbehavin'

Wring That Neck                Wring That Neck rework 030815 with both Leslies incl 1951 tallboy                ELP's Eruption

Chopin's Polonaise Militaire        Sacred Cow Burgers

Fats Waller's Alligator Crawl        Baby Perch Boogie (Experiments in Ring Modulation)       Kathy Mattea's Good News for Christmas Concert

Blues Suckers (co-written with John Knapp)        Gatorade Wine (written by Guy Caillouet)        Bluzilla - drums and guitar added to Blues Suckers by the Versus guys        Drink Yourself Sober - drums and guitar courtesy of the Versus guys        Ted Swanson's B2 and my Minimoog       


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