Ok, first pic is NOT of my current rig but on top of the Howard Combo organ (which also shipped as the Vox Continental), note the white coiled cord.  Also behind the Vox amp is a double-shelf album rack, on the top shelf you can see Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida album.  Pic was taken ~1974.

Main instrument (duh!) is my chopped 1964 Hammond A100 organ.  The mod was done by Bob Schleicher at Electronic Instrument Service in Oakland.  My 1964 Leslie 145 was modified/repaired in part by him as well - his solid state relay and crossover were installed and he rewired the 147 amp.  I replaced the drivers with an Atlas PD60 60W treble driver and Altec 15". Using Bob's crossover the PD60 is powered by the 147 amp while the 15 is powered by a 200W amp resulting in a 240 watt Leslie.  Shure SM11 lavalier mics are mounted inside the Leslie, one for each driver.

A Kurzweil SP76 sits atop the Hammond, used as a controller to leverage the two tone modules (Kurzweil PC2R and Korg Triton Rack) that reside in my rack.  Bottom pic shows recent aquisition - Moog Little Phatty CV.